Systems Integrator/Infrastructure Optimization

In the last decade, the Federal government has realized the need to break down organizational silos. In doing so, government agencies have become familiar with the challenges of integrating a system of systems (SoS), where the challenges in changing the old paradigm to a new way of managing data, systems, infrastructure and security, are great. Agencies have come to rely on experienced Systems Integrators (SI) to manage these large-scale data challenges.

T-Rex entered the government contracting space in 1999, and in 2018, we were voted #28 on the Inc. Magazine Top Government services companies. We have gained valuable experience through the implementation of complex IT modernization projects with aggressive schedules, size/scale and critical cyber protection.

We are proud of our work that began in 2016 and continues today on a highly visible, technical integration program with a constitutionally-mandated schedule of milestones that cannot be missed. We have managed the program and twenty-seven subcontractors since day-one of contract operations. This includes constant collaboration and cooperation with relevant programs, management, and subcontractors, and numerous agency and government stakeholders. We have met every milestone to date and will continue to do so. T-Rex architected and designed a hybrid cloud and on-premise data center solution, managed the data/systems migration, designed and implemented active cyber defense and fraud detection capabilities, established and support the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC), and ensured full continuity of operations, processes, and relevant systems which has been exhaustively tested.


  • Integration Planning
  • Data Governance
  • Application Development
  • System of Systems Integration
  • Machine Learning
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Vendor Management
  • Network and Email Security
  • Identity Access and Management
  • Cyber Operations Planning
  • Incident Response
  • Network Services
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Data Architecture and Design


  • Amazon Partnership
  • Selenium
  • UTF
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • BURP Suite
  • NMAP