Big Data

Big data at its core is about automating and analyzing structured and unstructured data to provide insight into human behaviors to enhance decision making. A suite of hardware, services, and software are necessary to properly leverage the benefits of a big data strategy and further a critical government mission.

T-Rex is a prime contractor for a large-scale Technical Integrator (TI) program. The program is mission critical and we are being tasked with assessing, integrating and testing over fifty systems into a scalable and secure System of Systems (SoS). The quantity and purpose of this data represent a significant strategic resource for the allocation of funding throughout U.S. communities.

T-Rex will be a valued partner in mining insights from this data store as government priorities are identified, validated and evolved.


  • User Behavioral Analytics
  • Clickstream Analytics
  • Clustering Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • System of Systems Integration
  • Dashboards and Visualization
  • Data Architecture and Design
  • Document Management
  • Internet of Things
  • MultiValue Databases
  • Object-based Image Analysis
  • Spatial Analysis


  • Machine Learning
  • Automatic identification and capture (AIDC)
  • Hadoop Framework
  • Grid Computing
  • Splunk
  • Tableau